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      Arles is a city in the southern part of France, as well as the former province of Provence. Arles has a population of over 50,000 and has many excellent attractions for the locals as well as tourists visiting the city. These attractions make it a favorite spot for the famous painter Vincent van Gogh. He fell in love with the Provencal landscapes and did over 300 paintings during his stay here. Arles was established as early as the 6th century by the Greeks. You'll find many historical sites in this city, many which have been listed as World Heritage sites.Some of the attractions you'll enjoy are the Arles amphitheater, Roman theatre, The Thermae of Constantine or the Church of St. Trophime, a former cathedral made of Romanesque architecture. Musée de l'Arles et de la Provence antiques is an exceptional museum of ancient history.