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      As France is a country that produced quite a number of exceptional artists, it is understandable that there are also a great number of art museums and galleries in the country. One of these galleries is La Rose des Vents which is one of the most favored attractions in Arles because of its being centered on the works of Vincent Van Gogh, this gallery is just like a number of others that can be found in Arles.Van Gogh, one of the greatest painters to have ever graced the earth, was a long-time resident of Arles. Because of this, there are many galleries and art museums in the town that have been set up to commemorate the talent of the painter. The collection in the gallery, which is among the attractions in Arles, is primarily based around the reproductions that have been made of Van Gogh's pieces, as most of the originals are comprised in collections that are now placed across the globe. One of the interesting items that can be found here though are the series of letters that Vincent wrote to Theo, his brother.

      Address: Boulevard Van Gogh, 59563 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

      Phone: +33 3 20 61 96 96