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Aubagne is a medium sized town of 44,000 inhabitants. Situated east of Marseille, you will find many attractions that will make a wonderful weekend. Aubagne is famous for its rich cultural heritage, and it boasts of many splendid historical buildings, such as the beautiful the L'église Saint Sauveur which houses the famous 18th century organ called the Orgue de Saint Sauveur. For those who are interested in museums, the Musée du Souvenir de la Legion Enrangere, the Maision Natale de Marcel Pagnel and Le Petit Monde de Pagnol are great places to visit. Aubagne is also well-known for its Music Festival which is held every June.Hotels in Aubagne offer different grades of accommodation, from luxury hotels to discount hotels. Aubagne has many hotels located in strategic locations near the places of interest. For more information about Aubagne hotels, you can refer to the complete list of hotels found in You will find many Aubagne cheap hotels that will make your trip more worthwhile.