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      Josse Jean Francois Cave Details

      France has always been known to be one of the country that produces the best of wines over the years. This is because there are many towns in the country that are quite adept in the production of these liquor and among these towns are the ones in the Provence area. One of the common things that you can see in these towns are the wines caves like the Josse Jean Francois Cave, which is one of the attractions in Aubagne.The Joss Jean Francois Cave may just be relatively small-scale but it is definitely a great venue for finding out more about wine production. Here you can get more information about the local wine scene as well as taste some of the finest wines that are offered. The short tours based within the wine-producer's cave make it one of the best attractions in Aubagne that draw in people who are interested about wines. These tours are necessary for those people who like to know about the wines first before deciding on which they want to taste or buy.

      Address: 70 Imp Iznard chem Riquet, 13400 Aubagne, France