Hotels in Defens Forest

      Defens Forest Details

      There are many different sights and attractions in France that can fill the days of any visitor out to discover the natural treasures of the country. One of these is the Defens Forest, that is undoubtedly one of the best attractions in Fuveau.The Defens Forest is a charming large piece of woodland located at the southern part of the town that has become a protected area over the years. For quite a long time, the forest has always been a popular venue for those who want to ramble and walk through a dense piece of woodland, especially during summer afternoons. This is because the forest floors are replete with wonderful sights and sounds that make the Defens Forest one of the attractions in Fuveau that many people like to visit. With its dense canopy of huge trees, this forest is home to many plants and wildlife that could rarely be seen in the open French countryside.

      Address: Forêt du Défens, 83640 Saint-Zacharie, France