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      Le Cours Julien Details

      The Cours Julien is a picturesque courtyard that is among the greatest sights of Marseilles that you can ever behold. Formerly a fruit and vegetable market, this has already been converted into a magnificently beautiful garden that displays different aspects of life in the course of a day.When the clock strikes at noon, you will witness the sun-drenched terraces of the Cours Julien fill up with people. This results in the revealing of a pedestrian zone, right in the heart of the city that is adorned with greens and greatly refreshed with fountains. The square, which is now a fashionable area with its restaurants, bars, concert halls and theaters, is where the hip and artistic crowds converge. This display of life and culture is one of the best sights of Marseilles that you can witness. Then, with the setting of the sun comes the awakening of the vibrant night life in the area. Truly, the Cours Julien, which is surrounded by streets lined with second-hand and antique shops, is one attraction in Marseilles that you should not miss.

      Address: Cours Julien, 13006 Marseille, France