Hotels in Musee Grobet-Labadie de Marseille

      Musee Grobet-Labadie de Marseille Details

      Museums are among the most popular attractions that any country can offer and there are quite a number of these that can be found in France. As such, it can be expected that the towns and cities of the countries have more than their share of fascinating museums that cater to the different interests and particularities of visitors and locals alike. One of these museums is the Musee Grobet-Labadie, which is among the attractions that comprise the tourism of Marseilles.The museum can be found on the circular open space that is at the end of the boulevard Longchamp in the town. It is housed in a fine-looking mansion that has really beautiful furniture, which was given by Madame Grobet to the town. As one of the attractions that contribute to the revenues gained by the tourism of Marseilles, there is a good collection of musical instruments, tapestries, ceramics, medieval sculptures and 18th century furniture in the museum.

      Address: Blvd Longchamp, 13001 Marseille, France