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      Palais Longchamp Details

      Palais Longchamp was constructed in 1839, in conjunction with the creation of the canal. Designed by architect Esperandieu, the palace is one of the most interesting attractions of Marseilles.While the arrival of the water system from Durance in 1849 allowed Marseilles to provide water to the new eastern districts, this allowed the Palais Longchamp to sustain the Renaissance feel to it until this very day. This is because this water system was what made the ornamental lakes, numerous sculptures, waterfalls and fountains work in the palace, giving it an enchanting ambiance. This masterpiece of the Second Empire is really a feather to the cap of the bourgeoning tourism of Marseilles, considering that it unites and commemorates the glories of water, sciences and arts under its roof. The palace houses the Natural History Museum in its right wing and the Fine Arts Museum in its left.

      Address: 4e Arrondissement, 13004 Marseille, France

      Opened: August 15, 1869

      Phone: +33 4 91 55 25 51

      Architect: Henri-Jacques Espérandieu