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      If you want to have a relaxing weekend, Martigues can be your place. Martigues can get you hooked with the activities that they can offer such as camping, swimming, and hiking near the Rives de l'étang de Berre. On the other hand, there are also structures that you should see. Eglise Saint-Géniès and Eglise Sainte Louise d'Anjou are the two churches of Martigues and both of them were built during the 17th century. Château de Ponteau is a beautiful castle and the Musée Ziem houses different 19th and 20th century paintings as well as archeological findings near the area.The hotels in Martigues can be easily reserved in Some Martigues hotels can be found near the churches and other tourist spots while some Martigues cheap hotels are near the river. The discount hotels Martigues has to offer usually come with special packages for the family so you can enjoy the many attractions.