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Sitting atop of the Hill of Foussa is the picturesque village of Rognes. It was in 1909 that the village was destroyed but was later rebuilt with the old stones of Rognes. The Pierre de Rognes is in fact the name of the popular ochre-red stone. You can still find the 14th to 17th century châteaux and chapels in the Château de Cabanes and Château de Beaulieu. The 17th century Château de Tournefort is among the popular ones having a medieval tower to boast. For some hiking and greenery exploration, visit the Chaîne des Côtes Mountains. For an awesome weekend, Rognes has many surprises in store for you. will help you find cheap Rognes hotels if youre on a tight budget. Discount hotels Rognes has great seasonal packages and specials for the discerning traveler. You can search for all the hotels in Rognes and check out their locations. Find Rognes hotels that are strategically located near the popular attractions so you dont have to sepnd a lot of time on traveling.