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    Deauville is a town located in the western side of France. With population of less than 5,000, Deauville is known for their two film festivals in one year: The Deauville Asian Film Festival and the Deauville American Film Festival held from March to April and August to September respectively. The town is also known for the La Touques – a famous racecourse near their Casino which was built in 1912. However, Deauville has also something in store for those who are interested in architecture. Visit the Ancienne église Paroissiale Saint-Laurent of the 12th century and Eglise paroissiale Saint-Augustin which was constructed in 1866. Parmi les villas, the Town Hall, and the Promenade des "Planches" are also worth visiting as it shows the town's cultural and economic past.For a soul lifting weekend, Deauville will be the town you want to visit to experience everything. Some of the hotels in Deauville are located near the racecourse, the casino and their beaches. On you can find these Deauville hotels and you can even have a great rate since most of them are discount hotels. Deauville is a favorite hangout for horse racing enthusiasts. With race horses and casino for entertainment, it may be wise for you to spy on some Deauville cheap hotels, just in case.