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Luc-sur-Mer with a 3000-strong population is a seaside resort and it got its name from les lutins which means imps. There is one mile of promenade bordering the beach of Luc-sur-Mer. Walk fishing is very popular here and tourists enjoy many safety measures. There are rescue lifeguards and a sound installation on the promenade to ensure complete safety of the promenade walkers. This 100-year old small town now has many tourist attractions like a Thalossotherapy centre which is a seawater body care centre and a casino. Some hotels in Luc-sur-Mer are conveniently located near this centre. The Whale Museum is another attraction, where the skeleton of a whale has been preserved to be viewed by the tourists who come to the Town Hall. There is also the 12th century Church of St. Quentin.Most Luc-sur-Mer hotels are located on the beach and offer varied facilities and activities for children and adults. For discount hotels, Luc-sur-Mer has a good selection. Though many tourists come only for the weekend, Luc-sur-Mer has many camping sites so you can plan for a longer vacation. A selection of Luc-sur-Mer cheap hotels can be found on the website