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Mosles Details

Located in the northwestern end of France, Mosles is a town known for its castle, the Château d'Argouges. Now a hotel, this castle provides all its visitors a medieval experience for the weekend. Mosles has a beautiful park in front of the castle. This is also a great place to stay to visit various Normandy beaches and its sites. Theres also the 13th century church that was adorned with sculptures from the 17th century. Another structure worth visiting is the Croix de Cimetière.Aside from the Château d'Argouges, there are other hotels in Mosles that are located near the castle. Most of the time, Mosles hotels are great with packages so that you can also visit other sites too. For your discount hotels, Mosles can give you more than a history through their travel guides. When you make a reservation in, your Mosles cheap hotels will give you great rates as well as the best accommodation.