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    As sport is deemed as a central part in the way of the life of the French, then it follows that almost all of the decent-sized cities and towns in the country have sports teams. With these teams, also come the stadiums. One of the towns in France that have both is Aurillac. Because of the love for sport anywhere in the country, seeing a game at the Stade Jean Alric is definitely one of the most popular activities in Aurillac.

    Used primarily for the two major sports that is hugely supported in France, the Stade Jean Alric is a great place to be in during the winter and spring months. This is because these are the times when you can soak up the vibrant atmosphere emitted by the local people, who are not only passionate about the games but also for the teams that they are rooting for. So, if you want to experience what it is like to be among French people during a game of football or rugby, then seeing one of these sports at this stadium should definitely be among the things to do in Aurillac.

    Address: 63 Boulevard Louis Dauzier, 15000 Aurillac, France