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Cantal can be an enriching experience for the tourist who wants to get a glimpse of the valuable cultural heritage that has been carefully preserved in France over the centuries. Thats why it can be such a great idea to book yourself a discount hotel in Murat, France. When youre staying in an out of the way city like Murat, you have the opportunity to truly explore a variety of attractions that reflect all facets of the French culture and experience.Museums are a major part of the historical France experience, and from your lodgings at a cheap hotel in Murat, youll be able to see two of the best: the Museum of the Upper Auvergne and the Alfred Douet Museum. From there, its up to you where to go, but tourists tending towards the historical and education types of attractions usally go with the Chateau de Pesteils or the Church of St. Geraud. Either one is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.