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      Charente-Maritime is the destination of many tourists who like sun, beaches and forest walks. You can explore the Palmyre Zoo in Les Mathes or go wander the forests of La Coubre and Les Combots. There are the three towers at La Rochelle: the Tour de la Chaine (14th c), Tour St. Nicholas (14th c) and Tour de la Lanterene (15th c). In Rochefort, you can leave Charente-Maritime hotels to visit the Marine Museum. It will take longer than a weekend. Charente-Maritime has many different attractions to interest its visitors. Spend some time in Royan, a coastal town with five beaches of pure sand or wander the ramparts of Cardinal Richelieus Fortress in Brouage. In the village of Les Mathes, you can go to the Bonne Anse Bay for small beaches or visit the larger offering on La Côte Sauvage.