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      La Rochelle is a world famous port in France. Aside from being the choice port of call for most of the cruises, the ports of La Rochelle is also the venue for most of the Ocean Races. The famous Vieux Port has numerous towers that were used as fortification, most of them created during the 14th century. La Rochelle also has a number of gothic-themed churches; among them are the Eglise Saint-Sauveur and Eglise Notre-Dame. Both of these churches were built in the 17th century. Theres also the Cathédrale Saint-Louis which feature a very wide façade built in the middle of the 18th century. There are other places of interest that you should visit in a weekend. La Rochelle features an aquarium that houses sharks, tropical fishes, and tortoise. Neptunéa is also a museum that should be visited as it features the marine life in a very interactive manner. Hotels in La Rochelle are near to these ports and other places of interest. can help you find La Rochelle hotels. Why dont you check out the discount hotels La Rochelle is a great place to visit to know more about the waters of France and La Rochelle hotels offer great savings that is another reason to visit this place.