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        Pierre Loti's House Details

        There are so many towns and cities in France that you can visit. Even the smaller and less prominent ones like Rochefort has sights and attractions to offer tourists. Among the most popular Rochefort attractions that you should not miss is the Musee Maison Pierre Loti or the Pierre Loti's House.This museum-house is the home of writer and navy officer Pierre Loti, who transformed his home into one that depicts of Arabic and Turkish influences that coexist with Gothic and Renaissance décor. Here you will journey through time and experience Loti's travels through the items that he brought to his home during his travels. While the collection in the home can be described as eccentric and bizarre, they are still bound to hold your attention. This makes Pierre Loti's House one of the Rochefort attraction's that you should not fail to visit.

        Address: 141 Rue Pierre Loti, 17300 Rochefort, France