Hotels in The Jardin des Retours

        The Jardin des Retours Details

        The tourism in Rochefort offers you a great package when you visit the center that houses the Corderie Royale. This is because aside from the Royal Rope Factory, you will also see here the reconstruction of the famous frigate, the Hermione as well as the Jardin des Retours.Known as the Garden of Returns in English, the Jardin des Retours borders the rope factory and is an excellent place for a stroll. A contemporary creation, the garden celebrates the time when boats came back to France from trips to foreign lands, bearing a great number of unknown plants. Through this garden that is part of the great Corderie Royale package offered by the tourism in Rochefort, the Charente reeds coexist with the willows and hazelnut trees as well as with tulips, magnolias and many other types of plants. There are three areas to this garden and these are the Garden of the Americas, the Garden of the Galissonniere that is located in between the Corderie Royale and the river and the Garden of the Navy.

        Address: Corderie Royale, 17300, Rochefort, France