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        Almost everyone in the whole world must know that the town of Cognac is where one of the most famous brandy names come from. As such, the town has always gained its great share of visitors. One of the most recognized brands of brandy that originated from the realm of the town is the Hennessy, the distillery of which is one of the attractions in Cognac.Known worldwide as among the best makers of brandy, Hennessy is one of the must-sees in the town that quite a lot of visitors flock to. Since there is no visit to the town that can ever be complete without first getting on a tour to the brandy maker's distillery, you just have to do it. As among the attractions in Cognac, the distillery of Hennessy welcomes visitors who wish to view the process of making the well-known brandy. As with any other tour of such places, a visit to the Hennessy home is capped off with a tasting session.

        Address: 1 Rue de la Richonne, 16101 Cognac Cedex, France

        Phone: +33 5 45 32 50 27