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        Bourges Details

        Bourges is a bustling city with a total population of around 100,000. The main attraction in this beautiful city in central France is the 13th century Cathedrale St-Etienne. This magnificent Gothic church is a World Heritage site of UNESCO. There are also many excellent museums in Bourges, including Le Musée Esteve which has a wonderful collection of artworks and the Le Musée du Berry, where you can find a fine collection of Gallo-Roman artifacts. Le Musée d'Histoire Naturelle is dedicated to archeological findings around Bourges. If you are looking for a place to go for a stroll, the Le Jardin de L'Hotel de Ville and Le Jardin des Prés-Fichaux are the perfect places to visit. For nature lovers, Marais de Bourges has much to offer with its diverse flora and fauna.

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