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Sancerre Details

Found in the central region of France in Cher, is the wonderful hilltop town of Sancerre. From here, you will get a picturesque view of the Loire River below. Sancerre is most famous for their wine. They produce it from their Pinot Noir grape from previous centuries. It was in the twentieth century that they replaced it with the Sauvignon Blanc. Today they produce white, red, and rose wine. At the same time, when you visit Sancerre, don’t forget to taste their goat cheese. This is where the Crottin de Chavignol got its name. The weekend Sancerre has to offer is not just all about food and wine. There are also a lot of sites to see like the 16th century bell tower called the Belfry of St. Jean, the 14th century tower called Tour des Fiefs, and the Ruins of Saint Romble which is what’s left of the medieval church. Maison des Sancerre is an exposition of wine held in a 14th century will help you find hotels in Sancerre. There are a lot of Sancerre hotels that will go within your budget. If you want to find discount hotels, Sancerre has a good variety. A lot of cheap Sancerre hotels are also accessible to the tourist spots. Check it out now.