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    The small-populated town of Sancerre has an old-world atmosphere, located in the Gaul area of France surrounded with gently rolling hills. This was an area that was developed by an early Celtic tribe called the "Bituriges", referring to an English term which meant "Kings of the World". A part of the world that was filled with history and antiquity, makes exploring this grand location a whole lot easier by allowing visitors to find the appropriate hotels in Sancerre specifically desired.There are many Sancerre hotels located around this picturesque little town, located north of Bourges. One is the 18th Century house, the Maison St. Denis, built on the 12th Century St. Denis Church foundation.The cylindrical tower of Tour des Fiefs is considered the last of the remains of the Sancerre counts and one of the strongest castles in France, while a 1509-old defense tour which serves as the church of Notre-Dame belfry. Fitting the budget of all visitors, from high class surroundings to discount hotels, Sancerre hotels offer everything for customer who choose A good time to visit Sancerre is the first May weekend, during the Fête du Crottin de Chavignol, held in the Caves de la Mignonne.