Hotels in Ile de Cavallo

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Ile de Cavallo Details

On the Lavezzi Archipelago, near the Strait of Bonifacio, there is only one island that is inhabited. The Ile de Cavallo, considered part of the Southern Corsica region, is found between the islands of Corsica and Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is privately owned, and until the 1990s didn’t have a public port. Today, visitors can come to the island, and many do for golfing, spas, and general relaxation, though you can only travel around it by foot or electric car. Since the island is only a half-mile long, you shouldn’t have any problem exploring it comfortably on foot and returning for shade and rest to your hotel.The island was used as a granite quarry by the Romans, who sent prisoners there to cut it for their monuments. The island remained uninhabited for more than a thousand years until a shepherd moved there in 1800. The island is surrounded by so many rocks that have caused devastating shipwrecks that it has been named the “Cursed Siren.” The most famous of these shipwrecks was in 1855, when the Semillante, transporting 600 French soldiers to Crimea, hit rocks and sank. Legend says that the sailors are still not at rest and that you can hear their cries in the voices of the seagulls.