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Auxonne Details

Auxonne is a small town of 10,000 inhabitants with many historical sights to provide for a delightful vacation during the weekend. Auxerre is located in the eastern part of France and it is the place where Napoleon Bonaparte had stayed during the years 1788 to 1791. You will find the exhibits of the things used by the great emperor during his stay there at the Musée Bonaparte. The 13th century Gothic church of Eglise Notre Dame is one of the many historical buildings you can visit in Auxerre, along with Château Louis XI and the Arsenal dartillerie where you can view ancient guns. For those who love nature, there is a beautiful forest known as La Forêt des Crochères where you can do some hiking, biking and camping.All the Auxerre attractions can be visited if you join the daily tours offered by Auxerre hotels. There is a wide selection of hotels in Auxerre to suit every budget. has a complete list of Auxerre cheap hotels, including information about their exact locations. Whatever accommodation you are looking for, whether luxury or discount hotels, Auxerre has a good selection to offer.