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          Located 39km southwest of Dijon, Beaune is an old city that is famous for its Burgundy wines. This town of 24,000 people has a history that dates back to 2000 years ago, and it features several well-known medieval structures that attract many tourists over the weekend. Beaune is home to the splendid Romanesque Church of Notre-Dame where you can find many impressive works of religious art such as the 15th century tapestries. Another interesting structure is the Hôtel-Dieu which is a unique building that showcases excellent 15th century French architecture. There are several museums of great interest in Beaune, such as the Archéodrome, Musée du Chateau de Savigny and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.There are excellent hotels in Beaune that offer very reasonable rates. Beaune cheap hotels are mostly located around the town center, and you can find out about their exact locations and availability at There are different grades of Beaune hotels, and they range from luxury to discount hotels. Beaune hotels provide various travel services for their guests, including transportation to the places of interest.