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        There must be no city or town in France that does not have art museums. This is because the country is known to have produced and is still producing great talents when it comes to the art scene. One of these art museums is the Fine Arts Museum that is regarded as one of the grandest attractions in Beaune.This museum is almost filled to the hilt with fascinating exhibits that cover a great array of time periods and artistic disciplines. Although the fine art collections in this museum is not as grand as the ones that are in display in the big cities in France, the collection in the Fine Arts Museum in Beaune is known to be among the good ones. The collection is regarded to be full of character and charm and is arranged quite interestingly. As one of the best attractions in Beaune, you will also be able to see some carvings from the Gallo-Roman period in the museum as well as a choice of paintings from Felix Ziem, a Beaune artist.

        Address: 6 Boulevard Perpreuil, Beaune, France

        Phone: +33 3 80 24 56 92