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        As one of centers of wine production in France, the town of Beaune has many wine cellars to boast of. In fact, these cellars have contributed greatly to the tourism of Beaune because of their appeal to visitors. One of the more popular cellars is the Reine Pedauque.This fine old cave is considered to be one of the most genuine and authentic cellars in town where you could get your feel of how wine production was done in the area for quite a number of centuries. The spooky old cellars in this cave may be covered with dust and cobwebs, but they are crammed with a collection of among the best aged wines in the area. These bottled wines have been aging for quite a number of years in this underground hideaway. The tour of the cellar is definitely one of the highlights in the tourism of Beaune and as usual, it ends with the sampling of white, red and rose wines.

        Address: 21420, Aloxe Corton, France