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        There are many interesting things to do in Beaune and aside from visiting wine cellars, perusing works of art are one of them. As a town in France, it can be expected that there are also quite a number of worthwhile art collections that can be found in Beaune. This is apparent as the country has produced quite a lot of great artists.One of the places that you should go to in Beaune for art works is the Xavier Bouzerand Studio. It has a fascinating exhibition that is quite extraordinary considering its central location in town. Centered on the work of Xavier Bouzerand, the studio's displays are mostly comprised of the wood carvings made by the artist. Varying in themes and sizes, these carvings are regarded as among the most interesting and ornate samples of this kind of artwork in France. As visiting the studio can be one of the things to do in Beaune that you want to include in your plans, it may also interest you to know that there are other art pieces and sculpture on display in the studio.

        Address: 12 Avenue de la République, Beaune 21200, France