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When you visit Dijon, make sure you visit first the Musee du Vin de Bourgogne before you proceed to other places. This museum will introduce you to the importance of this place as the wine-lovers' paradise. Dijon is located right in the middle of the old Burgundy region where the original wines were made. Musee de la Moutarde is also in this village as it speaks of the world famous mustards of Dijon. Musee d'Art Sacre and Musee National Magnin on the other hand displays the famous religious arts and creations by famous painters. Musee Archeologique displays the artifacts found arounf the area from prehistoric times up to the medieval period. Fine gothic architecture is also here and can be found in their churches like the Eglise Notre-Dame and the Cathedrale St-Benigne.If you happen to be in this village for the weekend, Dijon can be better appreciated when you book your stay in discount hotels. Dijon has packages for the whole family and Dijon cheap hotels are always part of these package. has these packages and your Dijon hotels can be easily booked online. Some hotels in Dijon also offer tours separately on your itinerary.