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        There are so many things to do in Dijon and these include visiting its highly acclaimed universities, if only to see what the campus is like. One of these universities is the Universite de Bourgogne, which is a multidisciplinary university that is offering a wide range of courses at all levels and in many disciplines. Your visit to this university may just end up with your studying here or sending your kid to be part of this wonderful institution.The educational training in the Universite de Bourgogne is primarily structured based on the new European architecture when it comes to higher education. This is based on three grades: the Licence, which is made up of 6 halves; the Masters with its 4 additional semesters; and, the Ph.D. These grades are in turn organized into 6 areas that cover several disciplines. These areas are: Right Administration, Economy Management, Letters Language Culture, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences Technologies Health, and Sports and Physical Activities. If you will make visiting the UB as part of the things to do in Dijon, you will also see that the university trains pharmacists and doctors as well.

        Address: Esplanade Erasme, 21078 Dijon, France

        Phone: +33 3 80 39 50 00

        Opened: 1722