Hotels in Mont Saint Jean

Mont Saint Jean Details

Mont Saint Jean is located in the Sarthe department of France, which was created during the French Revolution in 1970. The township now attracts tourists all year round due to its historic ruins and culture. can help travelers by finding hotels in Mont Saint Jean. While some tourists prefer the luxury based experience, for the more money savvy tourists can also help locate budget Mont Saint Jean hotels to help drive holiday money further.A must-see event in August is the "Vide Grenier", when all streets in the village are filled with stalls selling a variety of locally produced items. The city also has its own castle which dates back to the 1100’s, and also a historic hospital established around the same time. Nearby and within reasonable travelling distance on the limits of Anjoue, Maine, and Touraine, is the Thermal Bathhouse, which attracts thousands of tourists each year.