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Montbard has featured itself as a town that inspired one of greatest minds in the naturalists world. Georges-Louis Leclerc was born in this town and became a force of naturalism that even inspired Charles Darwin. His insignia in this town, the Comte of Buffon, is still preserved in Hôtel Buffon. You can see the two towers built during the 18th century once you enter the Parc de Buffon. Theres also the Eglise Saint-Urse, a 13th century church with museums and crypts that you should visit when you are there. If youre planning to visit this place for the weekend, Montbard becomes even better during the summer with the New Orleans Jazz Function Festival. In September, people from all over the region go to this place because of Fair of Montbard where the different expertise of the citizens of Montbard is on display.With so many reasons to come to Montbard, cheap hotels should be in your package to stay here for a long time. Most of the Montbard hotels offer generous packages. If you wish to stay at the discount hotels, Montbard has a good selection. Book your hotels in Montbard via and enjoy the best packages available today!