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The jagged coastlines and magnificent beaches are characteristic of the Côtes-dArmor. Of particular interest is the Côtes-dArmor region, Côte de Granit Rose. This is the pink granite coast where the shades of the rocks truly are pink in color. At Perros-Guirec, those who stay in this area also note the bizarre formations the granite adopts. You might want to remain in the region for a week or a weekend. Côtes-dArmor has beaches at Trévou-Tréguignecj and Pont Blanc. There are the conjoined islands comprising sle de Bréhat with its fruit trees an bicycle paths. At Perros-Guirec, you can see the lighthouse and follow the path down the hill to the little port of Ploumanch and the beach. Nearby, on a small islet is Costaëres Castle.