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The summer is a great time to visit the medieval town of Dinan. With a population of almost 15,000 dedicated individuals, you will have a feel on what its like to experience a medieval weekend. Dinan has carefully preserved their churches such as the Byzantine church of St Malo and the 15th century gothic church of St Saviour's Basilica. Theres also the Duchess Anne's Tower and Jacobins Theatre which were also built during the medieval times. Surely, you have heard of the 15th century houses that have been a constant tourist attraction and these are Château de Dinan and the Maison du Gouvernour. If youre serious about visiting this place; make sure you time your visit as they celebrate the Fête des Remparts which happens once in every two years.Its best to stay in some of the Dinan cheap hotels located near the age old structures. Some Dinan hotels can give you a great view of the structures and sometimes hotels in Dinan have guided tours around the village. You can easily book your hotels in Dinan through and have the rate just like most of the discount hotels. Dinan will bring you back in time while making sure you have the comforts of home.