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Guingamp is a town known for their yearly celebration every August, called the Le Grand Festival de la Danse Bretonne et de la Saint-Loup, a celebration of dance and their patron saint. Guingamp is also a favorite stopover by visitors who wanted to stop by to go the famous beaches in the region for the weekend. Guingamp also has fantastic tourist spots that should be visited by anyone who stops over this place. First is the Le Château de Pierre II, a medieval fort built during the 15th century. Next is the Basilique Notre Dame de Bon-Secours which is known to have traces of Nord gothic architecture. There's also the La Place du Centre where the structures were built as early as the 15th has the complete list of Guingamp cheap hotels. Most of the time, hotels in Guingamp are packed during August because of the celebration especially most of the discount hotels. Guingamp may be a great place to stop by but Guingamp hotels are sure to guide you with all the historical places in this village.