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    Notre Dame de Bon Secours Church Details

    Religious structures are among the most significant pieces of architecture that can be found in any town, and the same can be said about the town of Guingamp. Here, you can find the Notre Dame Church, which many locals and tourists consider one of the attractions in Guingamp that must be visited.A beautiful church that is located near to the center of the town, the Notre Dame Church is one of the most essential and popular pieces of architectural wonders in the community for a great number of years now. This great-looking building was made solely out of local materials. Its craftsmanship is among the most respected in the country because of the attention to detail that the craftsmen applied to the interiors of the church. As one of the major attractions in Guingamp, the stoneworks inside the structure as well as its doorways are among the features that quite a lot of people take the time to admire.

    Address: Rue Notre Dame, 22200 Guingamp, France

    Phone: +33 2 96 43 73 59