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    Trieux Walkway Details

    France is suffused with quite a lot of places to visit and things to do, so that tourists will never have a boring moment when they are on vacation there. Guingamp is one of the towns in the country that offer a wide variety of attractions. Strolling along the banks of the River Trieux is one of the best activities in Guingamp that quite a lot of people would enjoy doing.The River Trieux is a small confluence that flows through the center of the town, and it offers a source of life and leisure to the people there. Along the banks of the river is a popular path, known as the Trieux Walkway, which is a favorite one for tourists to follow. This is because the route goes past many fine-looking man-made items and structures in the town, and it heads on further into the countryside nearby. Aside from strolling along this walkway, one of the activities in Guingamp that many locals and tourists love doing is watching out for the interesting types of wildlife that are attracted to the river, and these usually include some species of beautiful water birds.