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Langueux is a commune of the Côtes-d'Armor located in the western side of France. This place is a haven for train collectors as it houses the Musée du Petit train des Côtes-du-Nord where actual trains are on display and some of them still function. Theres also the Château de Saint-Illan originally built during the 13th century. Langueux is also known for their contribution to agriculture as you will find this place the Ecole d'agriculture de Saint-Illan. If you also visit here in a Junes weekend, Langueux hosts various horse-racing for the whole month.When you visit Langueux, cheap hotels can be found anywhere. You can book your Langueux hotels online at and get them in a lower rate as discount hotels. Langueux is accessible to many places and you will have a great time with all the places to visit and things to do when you stay in one of the hotels in Langueux.