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Lannion offers its visitors a unique experience for the weekend. Lannion will enchant you with buildings dedicated to research facilities of various telecommunications companies. However, other than futuristic buildings, Lannion still preserves its historic structures and nature, slowly becoming a great tourist site. You can start by visiting the Le Yaudet en Ploulec'h, a prehistoric site that has objects from the Mesolithic and Neolithic Era. Then you can visit the mansions such as the Le Manoir du Cruguil where it has thousands of plat bands and the Le Château de Kergristv owned by the Kergristv from the 15th century. For nature related activities such as kayaking and hiking, visit the La Vallée de Goas Lagorn and La Vallée du Léguer.Hotels in Lannion are frequented by visitors by various reasons. Lannion hotels are sure to accommodate your needs with great amenities even when they are discount hotels. Lannion is indeed the traveler's dream. You can find many Lannion hotels in where you can also book you hotel reservation in advance. Lannion cheap hotels are sure to give you a great time when you stay there for your vacation.