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Trégastel is a picturesque little village along the west coast of Cotes d’Armor in Brittany. One of Trégastel claims to fame is the newly enlarged and renovated Aquarium that has been cut under a massive pile of boulders that houses samples of all the marine life of Brittany and area. The massive Library in the village square has thousands of books also relating to marine life available. A must when visiting Trégastel is to check out the protected natural sites of pink granite which is indigenous to Brittany.Exploring quaint villages, hiking, biking, horseback riding are just some of the fun attractions of the area immediate around Trégastel and water activities along one of the dozen or so beaches that spread out in various directions from the village which makes it a good base point to stay at in a discount hotel. can set-up hotels in this panoramic area, where families, sailing and diving enthusiasts alike can find loads of unforgettable summer adventures. An extra attraction to check out in neighborhood is the newly reconstructed Gaulle village nearby. It is designed to raise money for a French charity working in Africa, and thus displays traditional huts and such from Togo.