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The small “ville” of Trémeur is home to many beautiful monuments, many dating from the 12th century. The hotels in Trémeur are close to the fine city sights. Using provides you with a choice of Trémeur hotels to satisfy your needs. Walk from your doorway in a comfortable discount Trémeur hotel to the magnificent church of Saint-Pierre. This edifice dates from the 12th to 15th century. It has a fine Romanesque arch. The choir along the southern wall is also from the 12th century. The north chapel, however, is from the 15th-16th centuries while the statue of St. Mathurin is 17th century. The nearby Ossuary is also 17th century.Looking out of the window of your Trémeur hotel, you may spot the ruins of one of the manor houses. There are two whose remains still haunt the city. These are Maison du Menu-Bois (17th c) and Maisons Guatiel or Benati (16th c). Still standing are the interesting Le Manoir de l’Abbay (15th c) and the Fontaine-Gle (1605). After viewing the manors, you can visit the 18th century Presbytery or stop to admire the durability and the stolid purpose of the Priory and Hospital of St. George. Opened in 1346, the hospital now exhibits elements of architecture from the 14th to the 16th century. If you have time, wander over to admire the mills.