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Chauray is a city of natural delights. Located in the province of Deux-Sevres, Chauray has a climate that is like what a Mediterranean citizen would expect. This means long, hot summers and winters that are cold more often than not, with the temperature reaching the freeze point during the first couple of months in the year. Verdant fields ringed by hedges and sprinkled with forests are almost everywhere you look in Chauray. Sheep, goats, and cattle take advantage of the lush greenery. It's no surprise that Chauray is noted for its goat cheese. Apple orchards are common here, as well as vineyards of grapes that get turned into a fine wine called Pineau de Charente.Chauray is pretty much a rural town, and as such is unspoiled by man's actions. As Deux-Sevres is dotted with lakes and rivers, water sports are popular here. Fishing and walking are also good ways to pass an afternoon. Restaurants in Chauray are varied. Some serve French cuisine only, while others are also known for their Thai, Chinese, Indian, British and American selections. Are you looking for a budget hotel in Chauray In this area, discount hotels are usually well booked during the popular times of the year for visitors. It would be a good idea to turn to our listings here at for help in finding a budget hotel room that will save you a surprising amount of cash.