Hotels in Le Saint-Loup-Lamaire

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Le Saint-Loup-Lamaire Details

Deux-Sevres is a French district that is situated in a lovely area with many trees and edges. Marshes and swampland is also a part of the landscape of the area. Le-Saint-Loup-Lamaire is a city in this district, and is located on the River Thouet. Visitors to the area enjoy the atmosphere of this city that was once well known for its silver mines. There are quite a few interesting attractions in Deux-Sevres and the surrounding area. Saint Loup Lamaire is where many tourists come each year for a ski vacation. There are several ski resorts, but the most popular ones are the Big White Ski Resort and the Silver Star Resort. Cross-country skiing, skating, and a wonderful ski and board school make this area very popular.In nearby Coulon, you have the opportunity to take a boat ride around the marshes. You will see a good variety of native birds, and also some beautiful water plants, flowers, and trees. If wildlife is your thing, you will want to visit the Bird Reserve. Located in Marais Poitevin, more than seventy species of wild birds call this area home. Architecture and art mavens will want to see the Chateau d’Oiron, built during the Renaissance era and now an art museum. Restaurants in Le-Saint-Loup-Lamaire serve contemporary French cuisine in an atmosphere that will delight you. Hotels in Le Saint-Loup-Lamaire can be either chain hotels, or small and intimate inns run by an entire family. Most tourists are looking for a budget Le Saint-Loup-Lamaire hotel to book for their trip to France. If you are one of those tourists, check out for a listing of Le Saint-Loup-Lamaire hotels to choose from.