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    Bergerac is commonly known as a market town. During the weekend, Bergerac is filled with visitors from nearby towns who go there to stock up on tobacco and wines. Of particular interest are the Musée de la Batellerie et de la Tonnellerie and the Musée du Tabac which are museums of wines and tobacco respectively. You can also visit the Cloitre de Recollets to taste the famous wines of Bergerac for free. Other than wines and tobacco, there are also historical attractions of great interest, such as the 12th century Gothic cloister called Cadouin in Le Buisson. In nearby Les Eyzies, you will find two interesting cultural attractions, namely, the Musée National de Prehistoire and the Grotte de Font de Gaume, where you can view exhibits of polychrome cave paintings.Most hotels in Bergerac provide travel services to the places of interest. There are many Bergerac cheap hotels that offer quality accommodation and excellent services. You can visit the travel site to get information about these hotels, as well as discount hotels. Bergerac hotels are mostly situated in good proximity to the places of interest. You should find out the locations of different Bergerac hotels before you commit to make reservations.