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Bergerac is a small town, known as a market town, located in France in the Dordogne section. This is a gorgeous city to visit with its greener surrounding the cobbled streets. Some of the finest wines can be found in Bergerac, as they're known for their wine and tobacco industry. Their main transportation in and out of this town is their airport, Bergerac-Roumanière Airport and a railroad. Bergerac is the main trade center for the vine, maize and tobacco farms.Of main interest to most tourists is the Vieille Ville, a beautiful area filled with drinking fountains on the corners of each street and late medieval house. Although there are a few museums, the most popular one is Musée Régional de la Batellerie, which tells all about the history of the weed, with many exhibits on barrel making, viticulture and the town's river-trading past. On the outside of the town square is a large statue in memory of Cyrano de Bergerac, the once most famous person in this town. Also, the Bergerac Restaurant offers you some of the best French food for miles around.