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The town of Domme is found in the southwestern region of Aquitaine, in the Dordogne department. The town is a bastide, a type of medieval well-fortified town. Philip the Bold founded the town in 1281, though it would change hands a number of times between the French and the English during the Hundred Years War before finally being ceded to the French. The town was very prosperous until about the 17th century, when it was practically abandoned. Luckily for visitors, this means it is also a very well preserved example of a medieval village.Today, the town is more visited for commercial reasons. In fact, you may find your discount hotel has as many business people staying there as tourists. The town’s one unusual sight is graffiti on the tower gates. Normally, graffiti wouldn’t be considered a historical landmark, but in this case it was done by the Knights Templar who were held prisoner in the tower after their organization was disbanded.