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Le Bugue Details

Le Bugue, a rich holiday destination, is located in the Dordogne province of Aquitaine in the Western region of France. It covers a major part of the southern gateway to the Vezere valley. The town was totally rebuilt and given a new look in the 19th Century when a historian from the town published its history. There are numerous pre-historic caves such as the Bara-Bahau, Gouffre de Proumeyssac, Saint Cirq and the Sorcier Cave that are open to the public. A vast number of hotels are available in Le Bugue and gives you a wide choice including discount hotels if you are interested in getting something that is not very expensive.The brilliant 18th Century architecture, the beautiful landscape, outstanding restaurants and the latest Sports facilities make the place a feasible option for holiday makers. A 19th Century French village has been recreated called ‘Le Village du Bournat’ which depicts the past era with local craftsmen demonstrating the arts of blacksmiths, tanners, basket weavers and so on. A school House, the Walnut Oil Mill and even a wedding in progress are some of the other things that you can get to see here. On Tuesdays the market is full of life with the lively colours and smells of the local produce on display. No matter where your hotel may be, there is an aura of beauty surrounding Le Bugue.