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    Périgueux is the capital of its region, with a population of just over 30,000. As is the case throughout France, the town is full of stunning ancient architecture and visual history – make sure you pack your camera! When travelling in Périgueux, travelers are advised to check out for details on cheap Périgueux hotels, and in fact, all Périgueux hotel needs.Arguable the most spectacular entity in the Périgueux skyline, is the cathedral of St Front. The building was first built in 1120, and later restored in just the 19th century. While the renovation’s changes are nowadays widely disliked by local architects compared to the original theme, the building still remains a formidable attraction in Périgueux. Also worth seeing whilst visiting Périgueux is the remains of the temple in honour of "Vesunna", a Gallic goddess. The "Domus of Vesunna" is a picture-perfect Roman villa perfect for an afternoon exploration, while the town’s courtyard and gardens are also ideal for a leisurely stroll.