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The Vezere River winds its way through the Dordogne region, passing through the town of Terrasson-lavilledieu. To get a panoramic view of the entire town, look out from the Malpas Cliff. There are a number of terraced walkways at the cliff’s edge for enjoying the view. From this perch, it’s easy to see the Holy Sour Church, the town’s main cathedral. It was built in the 15th century on a slightly elevated location to make for an even more imposing façade. There is also an ancient Roman church, La Villedieu.Of course, many visitors come to Terrasson for a more modern marvel - the Gardens of the Imagination (Les Jardins del’Imaginaire). Built in 1996, it has been recognized by the French Ministry of Culture as a ‘remarkable garden.’ It was created by a landscape architect, Kathryn Gustafson, and describes thirteen different legends about gardens, aimed at telling how man has evolved into civilization from nature. The fountains are a favorite of many visitors, especially children.